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The 8th Annual Raffle

Raffle Prize - PhilanthropyWorks Consultation


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This prize comprises of an in-person, 2-hour lunchtime consultation regarding the winner’s individual or corporate philanthropic strategies, by the Founding Director of PhilanthropyWorks, Vivian Claire Liu. The prize is transferrable to a suitable individual or corporate.

PhilanthropyWorks is Asia’s first philanthropy advisory and execution boutique. It optimizes the impact of clients’ philanthropic strategies, by harnessing the combined knowledge and resources of the public, private and non-profit sectors, to map the landscape, and identify key needs, particularly tipping points from which the maximum social impact can be derived. PhilanthropyWorks is unique in providing execution services for greenfield projects, when existing NGOs fall short of impact, governance or accountability standards. Clients’ philanthropic strategies are structured similarly to sound financial ones: short-term components to address immediate needs, medium- term components for sustainable impact, and if appropriate, a long-term component to address societal changes.

Its clientele includes some of the region’s top tycoons and corporate; exceptions are being made for an Asian government re its social development strategy, and a leading UN agency.

Founder Vivian Liu sits on the global board of Nobel Peace Prize winner - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) or Doctors without Borders. Her operational experience with MSF as financial controller in Liberia (West Africa), is augmented by her M&A experience at Goldman Sachs, anti-corruption work at The World Bank, and her chief of staff role at UBS.

The consultation can take place in a city of the winner’s choice, or in Singapore. If the former, the winner is responsible for travel  and related expenses, unless it is in Brussels/Paris in 1H09. In either case, the consultation should occur within 1 year of this 2009 Forum.

Prize Value $2,000