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Mr. Martin Adams
Prof Franklin, Professor, The Wharton School
Mr. Michael Alper, Lauder Chinese’06, WG’06, Marketing Manager, Medtronic
Professor Raffi Amit, Professor, The Wharton School
Mr. Matthew Anderson, WG’11, Student, UPenn
Mr. Georigios Asmanis
Ms. Jasmine Bai, WG’08, Associate, JPMorgan
Ms. JingJing Bai
Mr. Ming Bao, China Minsheng Banking Corp
Ms. Drew Bass, UPenn’06, Associate, Weber Shandwick
Ms. Jacqui Beckwith, W’84, Director, Bund Capital Ltd
Mr. Chad Berbert, WG’08, Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State
Mr. Paul Bergman, Lauder’04, W’02, WG’04, Managing Director, Lihar, Ltd.
Mr. Jeff Bernstein, W’92, Managing Director, Emerge Logistics
Mr. Erik Bethel-Gonzalez, WG’99, CEO, Sino Latin Capital
Dr. Marcy, Director, Admissions & External Affairs, The Lauder Institute
Mr. Mohit Bhende, WG’08, Microsoft
Mr. Xu Bing, Vice President, Central Academy of Fine Arts
Mr. Bo Lijun
Mrs. Judy Bollinger, WG’81, Trustee of University of Pennsylvania, ABG Sundal Collier
Mr. Stuart Bradley, WG’06, Finance Director, Cho Ki Developers
Mr. Matthew, AMP’05, Managing Director, Global China Holdings
Mr. Chris Burch, Chief Investment Officer, Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd
Ms. Jinglan Cai, WG’10, MBA Student, The Wharton School
Mr. Kaifan Cai, WG’10, Chairman, Cai & Workshop Ltd.
Mr. David Cameron, WG’08, Associate, Linklaters
Mr. Clay, WG’03, Mr., Nomura International
Mr. Andrew Carr, Principal, Red Jasper Capital Management
Mr. Olarn, W’66, Honorary Advisor, Fiscal Policy Research Institute
Mr. Alex Chan, WG’03, Product Unit Manager, Microsoft
Mr. Ronnie C. Chan, Chairman, Hang Lung Group Limited
Mr. Jeffrey Chan, WG’06, Associate, Goldman Sachs
Mr. Brian Chan, WG’05, Principal, Paraclete Research
Ms. Joanna Chang, WG’00, Managing Director, MGM Grand Macau
Mr. Ling Siow Chang, SEAS’92, W’92, Head of Commercial, Vodafone
Mr. Johnson Chang, Curatorial Director, Hanart T Z Gallery
Mr. Chang Zhenming, Vice Chairman and President, CITIC Group
Ms. Christine M Chang, WG’10, MBA Student, The Wharton School
Miss Andrea Chang, WG’08, Consultant, BCG
Mr. Randy Chang, WG’07, , Nomura Securities
Mr. Sidney Chang, WG’05, Product Manager, Google
Mr. Harvey Chang, WG’77, President & CEO, Taiwan Mobile Co Ltd.
Ms. Simone Chao, WG’10, WG’10, The Wharton School
Ms. Frances Chen, WG’05, Vice President, Morgan Stanley
Mr. Zhenyuan Chen, WG’10, Student, Wharton MBA first year
Ms. Chen Duff, WG’04, Business Development, Krom River Trading AG
Ms. Cathy Chen, WG’03, Project Director, Alcoa
Mr. Han Chen, WG’97, Director, Aetos Capital
Mr. Troy Chen, BCG
Mr. Chen Dong, Orient Securities Company Limited
Mr. Chuan Chen, Arrail Group Ltd
Mr. Chen Feng, Chairman, Hainan Airlines
Mr. Chen Gang, Secretary of CPC Chaoyang District Committee of Beijing, Municipality
Mr. Chen Weijia, Haier
Ms. Chen Jing, Wharton Fellow’04, Partner, Paragon Financial
Mr. Chen Jing, Columbia University
Ms. Lulu Cheng, W’11, Student, The Wharton School
Ms. Amy Cheng, WG’10, N/A, N/A
Ms. Wei Cheng, WG’08, Manager, HaiTong Securities
Mr. Thian Chew, WG’03, Executive Director, Goldman Sachs
Ms. Grace Chiang, Managing Director, Social Venture Group
Ms. Catherine Chien, W’03, Senior Associate, Macquarie Capital
Mr. James Choa, WG’08, Managing Partner, Valiat Ocean Investment Ltd
Mr. Silas K. F. Chou, President and Chief Executive Officer, Novel Enterprises Limited
Ms. Natalie Chou, Junior Achievement China
Mr. Patrick Chovanec, WG’05, Associate Professor, Tsinghua University
Ms. Dora Chow, WG’96, Sr. Business Manager, Mckesson
Mr. Wellington W. Chow, WG’89, Managing Director, Standard Chartered Bank
Mr. Alfred Chu, WG’06, Managing Director, TDRH Capital
Ms. Regina, WG’03, Special Assistant of President, Methyl Co., Ltd.
Ms. Carol Chyau, WG’04, CEO, Shokay
Mr. Doug Clarisse, W’88
Mr. Tom, Vice Dean - Wharton Executive Education, The Wharton School
Mr. Kendall Combs, WG’11, Student, Upenn
Mr. Terry Crossman, President, Cross Search International
Mr. Daniel Curtis, WG’11, Student, UPenn
Mr. J.J., WG’97, Director of Admissions, The Wharton School
Mr. Vincent Dai, WG’06, Vice President, Bain Capital
Mr. Douglas DeBoer, WG’03, Vice President, EF Education
Mr. T.J. Demas, WG’95, Founder,, Inc.
Ms. Cindy Deng, Lauder’04, WG’04, Sr. Director, Yahoo!
Mr. Deng Xin, Arrail Group Ltd
Mr. Dean Dennis, CGS’06, RES’06, CMO, Self -Employed/ Student
Ms. Emily, WG’10, MBA Student , The Wharton School
Mr. Diao Yunfeng, Haier
Mr. Manning Doherty, Lauder’02, WG’02, Senior Vice President, Oaktree Capital
Mr. Dong Wenbiao, Chairman, Board of Directors , China Minsheng Banking Corporation
Ms. Christy, Analyst, CICC
Mr. Wayne Duan, WG’08, CEO, Halation Technology
Mr. William Dunworth, Doctoral Candidate, University of Pennsylvania
Mr. San Eng, W’92, China Chief Representative, Simon Murray & Company
Mr. Benjamin Fang, WG’07, Associate, RimAsia Capital Partners
Mr. James Feldkamp, INSEAD’03, W’96, Managing Partner, Pacific Link Consulting
Mrs. Jessie Feldkamp
Mr. Feng Deng, WG’05, Founding Managing Director, Northern Light Venture Capital
Mr. Feng Lun, Chairman, Vantone Real Estate
Ms. Jennifer, WG’08, Associate, Goldman Sachs
Ms. Rebecca Feng, W’11
Mr. Simon Feng, Fortune International
Ms. Kang Feng
Mr. Joseph W. Ferrigno III, W’67, Managing Partner, AMCG
Mr. Miguel Fialho
Mr. George Fifield, WG’79, Managing Director, Korn/Ferry International
Mr. Laurent Fischler, W’99, Director, CB Richard Ellis
Mr. James Fong, WG’99, Managing Director, NBA China
Ms. Jasmine, W’92, Director, SHS Capital Partners
Ms. Rose-Marie Fox, WG’82, Managing Director, Cornerstone Financial China
Mr. Yuning Fu, Director and President, Merchants Group
Miss Chun Mei Fu, Secretary, State Grid Corporation of China
Mr. Gao Minglu, Honorary Research Fellow, China Sculpture Research Centre, The Central Academy of Fine Arts
Ms. Gao Yang, WG’02, Executive Director, Junior Achievement China
Ms. Gao Xing, Consultant, New Oriental
Ms. Ying Gao, WG’10, Student, The Wharton School
Mr. Gao Feng, CMBC
Mr. Carl Ge, W’08, Analyst, Silver Lake
Ms. Sarah, WG’08
Mr. Dorge Glassman, WG’11, Student, UPenn
Mr. David Goh, WG’07, Associate, Henderson Equity Partners
Mr. Edwin Goh, WG’07, ,
Mr. Frank F.X. Gong, Gr’95, Managing Director, Head of China Research, Chief China Economist, JPMorgan Chase & Co
Mr. William B. Green, FAS’80, WG’91, CEO, China Global Mining Resources
Mr. Matthew Greene, WG’89, Owner, Anvil Global Partners
Mr. Markus Grimm, WG’90, MP, Hermes Pacific
Mr. Alex Grove, WG’07, Partner, WhizDream
Mr. Kevin Guan, WG’05, Associate Director, Pacific Alliance Group
Mr. Guan Yi, Founder, Guan Yi Contemporary Art
Mr. Gui Shuifa, Vice President, Orient Securities Company Limited
Mr. Zhongmin Guo, WEMBA’98, SMD, Devonshire Investors
Dr. Guo Ji-Min, Executive Director , China Galaxy Securities
Mr. Jimmy Guo, Analyst, The Development Principles Group
Ms. Guo Yihua, Translator, Hainan Airlines
Ms. Guo Yanwei, Photographer, Hainan Airlines
Mrs. Guo Xiaoyan, Chief Curator, Ullens Center
Mr. Juan Gutierrez, WG’04, General Manager, LinkPoint Europe
Leon Leon Habets, INSEAD’08, Manager Business Economics, Maastricht University Medical Center
Ms. Carrie Han, WG’11, Account Executive, Procter & Gamble
Ms. Han Xiaohua, Haier
Mr. Lei, WG’11, Analyst, Neuberger Berman Group
Ms. Gladdy, WEMBA’05, Principal, Gallup
Mr. He Ya Fei, Vice Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Joseph He, WG’10, Associate, Qiming Venture Partners
Ms. Jingjing He, W’08
Mr. Sammy He, Reporter, International Daily News
Mr. Charles Hedden, WG’11, Student, UPenn
Mr. James B. Heimowitz, WG’89, CEO North Asia, Hill & Knowlton
Ms. Alexandra, WG’79, Executive Vice President, DHR International
Mr. James Ho, WG’87, Partner, Capital International
Mr. Niles Ho, Wharton Fellow’08, Assistant Vice President, CDH Investments
Ms. Mary Ho, Business Development Director, Bank of Scotland
Mrs. Janice Ho, Partner, Capital Group
Mr. Kai Hong, Lauder’05, WG’05, Senior Director, Cisco Systems
Ms. Bo Hong, Senior Manager, CICC
Ms. Hong Ying, Chairman & President, Fortune International Group Ltd.
Mr. George Hongchoy, WG’91, Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer, The Link Management Limited
Dr. Shuji Honjo, WG’93, Managing Director, Honjo International
Mr. L. Janusz Hooker, W’92, Mr. , W. P.Carey & Co
Mr. Lee Hsieh, WG’08, Associate, Nomura International (HK) Ltd
Mr. Charles Hsieh, W’00, WG’07, Project Manager, Hines Interests
Mr. Robert, Stanford GSB’08, W’02, Founder/CEO, Circolos Hong Kong Limited
Mr. Ken Hsu, WG’83, Chairman, Sumtel Communications, Inc.
Mr. Kun Hsu, INSEAD’07, W’03, General Manager, Capvision Partners
Mr. Jonathan Hsu, W’02, Manager, NBA China
Mr. Dan Hu, WG’09, The Wharton School
Mr. Derek, MD, Shanghai, DHR International
Mr. Victor Hu, Associate, Hony Capital
Mr. Yunfan Hu, Beijing Arrail Dental Ltd
Mr. Hua Hua, PhD’95, Managing Director, China Investment Corp
Ms. Lei Hua, WG’04, N/A, Orient Security
Mr. Hua Ruiqi, CITIC Group
Mr. Joshua Huang, WG’11, Student, Penn
Ms. Rachel Huang, WG’07, Specialist, CDB
Miss Shirley Huang, W’10, Associate, Royal Bank of Scotland
Mr. Andrew C. Huang, Lauder’07, WG’07, Associate, Goldman Sachs
Ms. Hui Huang, WG’00, CFO, Cathay Industrial Biotech Ltd.
Ms. Dawei Huang, WG’09, MBA student, The Wharton School
Mr. Peter Huang, WG’04, Director, DuPont China
Mr. Yan Huang, WG’01, General Partner, CDH Investment
Ms. Molly Huang, WG’03, Associate, Goldman Sachs
Mr. William, Associate, CICC
Mr. Ken Huang, WG’09, Senior Manager, Accenture
Mr. David Huang, WG’07, Director, ING
Ms. Helen Huang, Arrail Group Ltd
Mr. Huang Xiang
Mrs. Amy Huang Lee, W’01, NA, NA
Mr. Mike Hugel, Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations, The Wharton School
Mr. William Hui
Miss Ma Huiying, WG’02, Director, China Huaneng Energies
Mrs. Alice Hung, INSEAD’05, W’90, Managing Director, Universal (HongKong)Technology Co.,Ltd &Top Cellar
Mr. Jonathan Hursh, CMC China
Mr. Maki Imanaga, WG’74, President, Hunet
Mr. Larry Ioffredo, WG’91, Senior Vice President, ASB Advisers
Mr. Jim Irwin, WG’65, President, Ohio Pipe
Ms. Holly Jackson, Senior Associate Director, Wharton MBA Career Management
Dr. Anjani Jain, Vice Dean & Director, Graduate Division, The Wharton School
Dr. Theresa Jen, Professor and Director, Wharton-Lauder Institute
Mr. Graham Jerabek, WG’03, Director of Sales and Business Development, Asia, GTECH Corp
Mr. Ji Feng
Mr. Steve Jiang, Executive Director, Russell Reynolds Associates
Mr. Jiang Lei, Korn/Ferry International
Mr. Mei Jianping, Professor of Finance, Cheung Kong Management School
Mr. Bing Jin, WG’10, MBA Student, Wharton
Ms. Jing, W’09, Student
Mr. Jin Shiwei, XL Capital Ltd
Mr. Samuel Jones, Senior Associate Director, Wharton
Mr. Mark Julien, WG’10, Associate Director, Standard Chartered Bank
Ms. Lan Kang, WG’02, Client Partner, Korn Ferry
Mr. Hanif Kanji, WG’93, CEO, Sinophi Healthcare Partners
Mr. Sanjay Khanduri, WG’06, Associate Director, FX Options Trading, Standard Chartered Bank
Mr. D.N. Kim, WG’72, Chairman, HanSaeYes24Holdings
Mr. Sean Kim, WG’00, Senior Client Partner, Korn/Ferry International
Ms. Susan Kim, Lauder’10, WG’10, Student, The Wharton School
Ms. K M Kim, WG’08, Associate, Goldman Sachs
Mr. William P Kinane
Mr. C. D. Alex King, WG’87, Managing Director - Asia, Associated British Foods Plc
Mr. Oliver, W’05, Analyst, Zimmer Lucas
Mr. Stefanos Konsta, INSEAD’07, Imports Manager, Inart
Mr. Bonkeul Koo, WG’85, President & CEO, LG Fashion Corp.
Mr. Omar Koukaz, W’08, ,
Mr. Stefan Krasowski, W’02, Operations Director, Assurant
Mr. Rajesh Krishnan, WG’05, Vice President, Nomura
Mr. Bill Krolicki, WG’96, Lecturer, Lingnan University
Mr. James, W’02, Manager, Tractus Asia Ltd.
Ms. Ankur Kumar, W’00, WG’07, Senior Associate Director, The Wharton School
Ms. Celina Kuoch, W’98, Chief Investment Officer, EB Real Estate Asia
Mr. Allan, WG’87, Venture Partner, Oak Investment Partners
Ms. Tiffany Kyo, Senior Managing Partner, Red Jasper Capital Management
Ms. Michelle Lai, W’07, Analyst, Credit Suisse
Mr. Terence Lai, WG’99, CEO & President, ECTechnology
Mr. Joon Lee, WG’11, Student, Penn
Mr. Jeffrey Lee, WG’11, Student, Upenn
Mr. Lee Wee Hau, INSEAD’04, Vice President, Hilton Hotels Corporation
Dr. Sehoon Lee, WG’75, Chairman, SL Investment Ltd.
Miss Rosa Lee
Mr. Myoung Lee, Wharton Fellow’06, WG’94, Vice Chairman, IRiver
Ms. Franny, WG’93, Partner, T. J. Huang
Ms. Rachel, WG’99, Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group
Mr. Richard, WG’88, Managing Director, Sovico Capital
Ms. Larissa Leung
Ms. Yan Li, WG’09, Student, Wharton
Mr. David Li, WG’92, Chairman & Country Head, UBS China
Ms. Lucia Li, WG’10, Wharton MBA, Student
Mr. Ho-Sun Li, W’95, Director, Power Pacific Corp. Ltd.
Mr. Nevin, W’05, Associate, Standard Chartered Bank
Mr. Joseph Li, WG’07, Consultant, Bain
Mr. Eric Yi Li, WG’03, Vice President, CBI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Miss Beth Li, WG’08, Co-Founder, Starting a VC Fund
Ms. Michelle Li, WG’11, Project Manager, Synovate Healthcare
Mr. Xiaojun Li, WG’04, Partner, IDGVC Partners
Miss Lian Li, WG’08, Equity Research, Citi
Mr. Mark Li, WG’00, Program Manager, TSMC
Miss Xiaoya Li, Student, University of Minnesota
Ms. Ann Li, Vice President, Business Development, NYCEDC
Ms. Lily Li, Executive Director, Peking University
Mr. Li Jinan, Compliance Director, Orient Securities Company Limited
Mr. Simon Li, PhD’09
Mr. Victor Li
Prof Liang Neng, WG’86, Professor of Management; Associate Dean, China International Business School
Ms. Jie Liang, WG’07, Management Associate, Henry Schein
Ms. Ting Ting Liang, Associate, Fullerton Financial Holdings
Mr. Li Sze Lim, Chairman, R&F Properties
Mr. Michael Lim, W’11, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, United Nations Development Programme
Ms. Jenny Lin, WG’11, Student, UPenn
Mr. Derek Lin, WG’11, Student, UPenn
Mr. Hung-da Lin, EMTM’04, Financial Planning & Risk Management Advisor, Richdom Attorneys-at-Law
Mr. Ted Lin, W’07, Analyst, UBS
Mr. Forest Lin, WG’03, Director of Business Planning, Microsoft
Ms. Rebecca Lin, WG’00, Principal/Chief Representative, FIL Capital Management (Hong Kong) Limited
Mr. Frederic Linkens, VLGMS’05, Managing Director, Cinmar China Holdings
Mr. Liu Chuan Zhi, President & CEO, Legend Holdings Ltd
Ms. Rong Rong, WG’97, Partner, Crimson
Ms. Viv Claire Liu, Huntsman’98 (W & C), W’98, Founding Director, PhilanthropyWorks
Ms. Xin Liu, W’11, Consultant, Bain & Co.
Dr. Wanyun, PhD’87, QDII Portfolio Manager, HuaTai Securities Asset Management
Ms. Jia, WG’02, Co-Founder, 5&5 President Club
Mr. Yu Liu, TPG Axon
Mr. Chad Liu, WG’99, Founding Partner, Prudence Investment Management
Ms. Julie Liu, Wharton Club of Beijing
Mr. Terry Liu, CMBC
Ms. Fong Yue Mae Lo, WG’11, Student, UPenn
Mr. Kevin Lou, WG’08, COO, I.DEA Ecological Solutions
Mr. Alexei Lougovtsov, WG’06, Vice President, Merrill Lynch
Mr. Donald Lu, WG’00, VP, Goldman Sachs
Ms. Dan Luo, WG’08, Corporate Partnership Officer, United Nations Children’s Fund
Mr. Qiang Lv, INSEAD’09, Senior Manager, Philips Greater China
Mr. Malone Ma, Cheif Representative for China, MetLife Beijing Rep. Office
Mr. Ma Ji, Assistant of President, Orient Securities Company Limited
Mr. David Ma, W’02, Managing Director, Hillhouse Capital
Mr. Ma Yue, Haier
Ms. Ma Ying, WG’05, President Assistant General Manager, Southwest Securities Co., Ltd
Mr. Davin, Lauder, WG’89, Managing Director, Arctic Capital
Mr. Mirzan Mahathir, WG’87, Chairman & CEO, Crescent Capital Sdn Bhd
Mr. David Malone, WG’03, Mr., Wayne Capital Partners, Ltd.
Mr. Ken Manotti, Associate Dean, The Wharton School
Mr. Marvin, WG’11, Co-Founder, VP, MMIM Technologies
Mr. Andrew Maywah, WG’10, MBA Candidate, 2010, Wharton
Ms. Ariel McGinnis, WG’10, Student, Wharton
Ms. Jillian, Director, Alumni Affairs and Annual Giving, Wharton External Affairs
Dr Thomas, WG/SEAS’03, Asia Technology Director, Air Products
Mr. R. Mark Mechem, WG’03, VP, CBI China
Mrs. Veronica Menendez, UPenn MSE’05, Director, LinkPoint Europe
Mr. Pierce Meng, WG’08
Dr. Tino Mettenheimer, WG’83, Senior Partner / Chairman, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
Dr. Marshall Meyer, Professor, Wharton School
Ms. Mabel Miao
Ms. Krista Michalowski, Associate Director of Special Events, University of Pennsylvania/Wharton External Affairs
Mr. Jonathan Miller, ,
Ms. Victoria Mio, WG’98, Senior Portfolio Manager, Robeco Asset Management
Mr. Vincent Mo, Founder, Chairman & CEO, SouFun Holdings Ltd
Mr. Michael Moh, W’92, Chairman, Fine Furniture Limited
Mr. Andy, WG’02, President, Red Pagoda Concepts LLC
Mr. Alex Mou, WG’98, Director, SYWG Asset Mgmt (Asia)
Mr. Shawn, WG’88, Partner, IBM
Mr. Yoshi, WG’91, Deputy CFO, Executive Officer, Nissan Diesel Co.
Mr. K. Muratsu, WG’75, President, Activity International, Inc.
Mr. Stuart Murray, WG’07, Vice President, Legatum
Mr. Takuma Nakatsuka, WG’92, CEO, Nishihara/ Veolia Water
Mr. Leonardo Navarro, WG’11, Student, Upenn
Mr. Jeff Ng, WG’04, Director, Guru Online
Ms. Susan Ng, WG’95, Director, Corporate Finacne, Shun Tak Group
Ms. Xiaochun Ni, W’12, Wharton Undergrad
Mr. Ning Min, Legend Holdings Ltd
Mr. Drew, Lauder, WG’92, Advisor, Self
Dr Kongkiat Opaswongkarn, PhD’84, CEO, Asia Plus Securities PCL.
Mr. Moritz Ostermayer, WG’10
Azusa Owa, WG’11, Student, UPenn
Ms. Sohee Park, WG’08, Associate, McKinsey & Company
Ms. Claire Park, WG’06, Manager, Deloitte
Ms. Kate Peng, Phillip Y.Wu
Mr. Peng Jiajun, Haier
Mr. Mark Perry, W’09, Student, Wharton
Mr. Justin Piao, WG’10, MBA student, Wharton
Mr. Steve Pistono, WG’94, Managing Director, SE Innovations Ltd.
Mr. Scott Pogoda, W’82, Chairman, Pogoda Ventures
Miss Emily Poon, W’06, WG’11, Consultant, Deloitte
Ms. Paola Poon, WG’96, Financial Planning Director, PepsiCo China Foods
Mr. Paul Poon, WG’04, Marketing Director, Samsung
Ms. Jue Pu, W’11, Student, The Wharton School
Mr. Brendan Pytka, WG’11, Student, UPenn
Mr. Hong Qi, Managing Director & President, China Minsheng Banking Corporation
Mr. Oliver Qi, WG’10, Wharton Student, Wharton Student
Ms. Rachel, W’04, Consultant, McKinsey & Co
Ms. Summer Qu, WG’07, VP, Northern Light Venture Capital
Mr. Qu Yingchun, Haier
Professor Daniel, Associate Professor, The Wharton School
Mr. Justin, SEAS’06, W’06, Mr.,
Mr. Gary, WG’70, Director - China Operations , Transformer Engineering LLC
Mr. Phil Ren, Vice President, Beijing Wantong Ruihe Venture Capital Co., Ltd
Mr. Kallan Resnick, WG’06, Principal, Blackstone
Mr. Ed Resovsky, International Development, University of Pennsylvania
Mr. Jon Richter, W’08, Fulbright Fellow, U.S. Fulbright Fellow
Mr. Thomas Robertson, Dean, University of Pennsylvania
Mrs. Diana Robertson, Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Larry Rong, WG’95, President, Sightna Corp.
Ms. Fang, WG’06, Consultant, Boston Consulting Group
Mr. Ira Rubien, MBA’88, Executive Director, Wharton Communications and Marketing, The Wharton School
Mr. Ruben Sanchez Souza, INSEAD’05, General Manager, WSP Ltd
Dr. Edward, WG’97, CEO, 7234 Communications (Holdings), Ltd.
Ms. Monisha Saran, WG’09, Student, Wharton School
Mr. Bertrand Schmitt, WG’04, VP Mobile Solutions, Gomez
Mr. Isaac, W’05, PM, Robotti & Company
Ms. Jennifer Setiawan, W’08, Self employed, Self employed
Mr. Ramesh Shahdadpuri, W’86, Director, Mercantile Corporation
Mr. Dan, WG’98, Chief Investment Officer, Indochina Land
Mr. Shan Weijian, Partner, TPG Capital
Ms. Lingling Shao, WG’10, Student, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania
Mr. Kyle Shaw, WG’87, Shaw Kwei & Partners
Mr. Jeff Sheehan, Associate Dean for International Relations, The Wharton School
Mr. Stanley Shen, INSEAD’00, Managing Partner, Leadway International Investment Ltd.
Mrs. Genevieve Sherick, Associate Director, Global Alumni Forums, The Wharton School
Ms. Cindy Shi, WG’09, Student, The Wharton School
Mrs. Minako Shimanuki, Office Manager, Wharton School
Mr. Hossam Shobokshi, W’92, Managing Director - Principal Finance, MENA, Standard Chartered Bank
Mr. Hugo Shong, General Partner, IDG Technology Venture Investments
Mr. Gil Shulman, WG’08, Wharton MBA, PJC
Mr. Uli Sigg, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ringier Media Group
Ms. Amy Sim, Program Exec, IBM Australia
Ms. Jane Simons, Senior Director, Wharton External Affairs
Mr. Ikdeep Singh, WG’07, Brand Manager, Procter & Gamble
Mr. Arvind, AMP’98, Director, QUEST on the FRONTIER
Mr. Harbir Singh, Vice Dean for Global Initiatives, The Wharton School
Mr. Ravi Sinha, WG’90, Managing Director, Co-Head, Goldman Sachs
Mr. Loet Smeets, AMP’03, Director of Finance, Maastricht University Medical Center
MS Leslie Smith, WG’02, CEO , LSA, LLC
Ms. Jie Song, W’10, MBA Candidate, Class of 2010, The Wharton School
Ms. Zheng Song, WG’98, Managing Director, My Decker Capital
Ms. Dinah Song, Korn/Ferry International
Mr. Song Fei, CMBC
Mr. David J. Spencer, Lauder’95, WG’95, MD/Founder, Emerald Hill Capital Partners
Miss Rebecca Stavros, W’11, n/a, Wharton MBA candidate
Mr. Nicholas Stipp, W’03, Director of Asia Pacific Product Management, Thomson Reuters
Mr. Marc O. Stockli, WG’96, Managing Director, MOS Advisory Services
Mr. Shaowen Su, WG’00, Partner, Zephyr Capital
Ms. Britney, Associate, CCBI
Mr. Chang Sun, WG’89, G’89, Managing Director, Warburg Pincus Asia LLC
Mr. Patrick Sun, W’81, CEO, VC Group
Mr. Sun Kunpeng, Haier
Ms. Sun Yuhong, Haier
Mr. Michael Susanto, WG’99, Executive Director, Nomura International (HK) Limited
Mr. Charbel Tagher, WG’76, CEO, Specified Technologies Inc.
Ms. Tan Lixia, Haier
Mr. Preston Taylor, WG’08, WW Product Marketing Manager, Lenovo
Ms. Shirley Teng, WG’01, Pacific Alliance
Mr. Jason Teo, WG’10, Student, Wharton
Ms. Kiah Thia, INSEAD’00, Deputy Director & CFO, UCCA
Mr. Joe Tian, WG’98, Managing Partner, DT Capital Partners
Mr. Iwao Tomita, WG’63, Founder, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Mr. N. K. Tong, WG’94, Group MD, Bukit Kiara Properties
Miss Maggie Tong, WG’08, Consultant, BCG
Mr. David Topolewski, WG’88, CEO, Qooco
Mr. Arthur, WG’99, Deputy Director, Taiwan Mobile Corporations
Mr. Jackson Tse, WG’10, Faculty, Wharton
Mr. Charles Tseng, WG’79, President, Asia Pacific, Korn/Ferry International, Inc.
Dr. Kenric Tsethlikai, PhD’01, Director, Language & Culture Programs, The Lauder Institute
Mr. Anthony Tsung, CEO, BlackCrown Corp
Mr. Toyoharu Tsutsui, WG’78, President and CEO, Capital Partners Securities Co., Ltd.
Mr. Alex Tu, WG’11, Senior Sales Manager, Procter & Gamble
Mr. Ian Van Reepinghem, WG’11, Student, Upenn
Miss Lily, Wharton Fellow’11, Financial Journalist, Global Entrepreneur
Ms. Yaling , Upenn’05, Legal Counsel, GE China
Ms. Liya Wang, WG’10, MBA, None
Mr. Wang Yimin, Chairman, Orient Securities Company Limited
Ms. Jing , W’07, Private Bank, JPMorgan
Ms. Ivy Wang, Executive Assistant, Wharton Club of Shanghai
Mr. Mingbo Wang, WG’09, Student, Wharton
Mr. Shawn Wang, W’10, Officer, MAS
Ms. Sha Wang, PhD’09, Principal, Cybernaut Investment
Mr. Leping Wang, PhD’04, Associate Director, Barclays Capital Hong Kong
Mr. Jerry Wang, WG’05, Executive Director, Calyon
Mr. Lucas Wang, Student, UPenn
Ms. Lydia Wang, Secretary, Wharton Club of Shanghai
Ms. Cindy Wang, Assistant of Director, PR department, International Resource
Mr. Wang Guobin, Vice President, Orient Securities Company Limited
Mr. Wang Rufu, Secretary of the Board, Orient Securities Company Limited
Mr. Wang Wei, Staff at HQ of HR Department, Orient Securities Company Limited
Ms. Qian Wang, WG’06, Associate, Warburg Pincus
Ms. Wang Lijun, Credia
Ms. Wang Huan
Ms. Wang Beibei, Haier
Mr. Huiyao Wang, Arrail Group Ltd
Mr. Wang Chao, Assistant Minister, Ministry of Commerce
Mr. Wang Ping
Ms. Amy Wei, WG’11, Student, Upenn
Mr. Krzysztof Werkun, W’95, Partner, China Renaissance
Mr. James Wilson, WG’11, Director, Corporate Finance, PineRiver
Mr. Peter Winn, WG’98, Mr., EF Education First
Mr. Henry Winter, WG’96, CEO, SmartClub Media
Ms. Helena Wong, WG’83, President, Top Trend International
Ms. Elizabeth Wong, Vaford Group
Mr. Legward Wong, SEAS’03, General Manager, Home of the Elderly
Dr. Grace Bucchianeri, Assistant Professor, Wharton
Mr. Donald Woo, WG’73, CEO, Trans Global Logistics
Mr. Eric Wright, WG’92, CEO, Africa Venture Partners
Ms. Cathy Wu, WG’07, Associate, Mckinsey & Company
Mr. Phillip Y. Wu, CFA, WG’95, Founder & CEO, Applied Strategy Limited
Ms. Jenny Wu, WG’11, Student, UPenn
Ms. Connie Wu, W’11, WG’11, Product Manager, Verican
Ms. Joyce Wu, WG’07, Manager, Citigroup
Ms. Helen Wu, WG’06, Senior Product Mnanger, Microsoft
Ms. Wu Jiayu, Branding Marketing Assistant, Orient Securities
Mr. Wu Po Sum, Chairman, Credia
Ms. Ceilia Xiao
Mr. Yicheng Xie, W’11, Business Analyst, McKinsey & Company
Mr. Delin Xie, WG’02, GM, Royal Bank of Scotland
Mr. Sinan Xin, W’06, Associate, TPG Capital LP
Ms. Jessey Xiong, WG’11, Booz & Company
Ms. Beth Xu, WG’07, Director, Cisco Systems
Miss Cindy Xu, WG’08, Associate, Morgan Stanley
Mr. Stanley Xu, WG’99, CEO, Taurus Education
Mr. Chris Xu, Vice President, Iconix China
Miss Joan Xu, WG’96, Consultant, Insigniam Performance
Mr. Xu Jun, Secretary, Hainan Airlines
Mr. Xu Peng, Haier
Mr. Andrew Yan, Managing Partner, SAIF Partners III & SB Asia Investment Fund II
Ms. Vicki Yan, WG’08, Senior Associate, DT Capital Partners
Mr. Yan Wei, Orient Securities Company Limited
Ms. Jane Yan, CEO, Beijing Venus Information Technology, Inc
Ms. Catherine, WG’99, Vice President, United Technologies
Miss Nikki Yang, WG’07, Associate, SAIF Partners
Ms. Jing Yang, WG’09, Consultant, Bain & Company
Ms. Yang Na, Secretary accompanying Chairman, Orient Securities Company Limited
Mr. Yang Jinggang
Mr. David, Director, Risk, Information and Banking, American Express
Ms. Shanlin Ye
Ms. Yin L. Yin, W’05, WG’06, Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group
Mr. Hao Yin, C’07, WG’11, Analyst, Baring Private Equity Asia
Mr. Victor Yip, WG’05, Director and General Manager, Walt Disney Company
Mr. Yong Kwek Ping, Wharton Fellow’06, CEO, Inventis Investment Holdings (China) Ltd
Ms. Linza You
Mr. William, WG’10, MBA Student, NA
Mr. Yu Jun, UPenn SEAS’10, Product manager, Oak Pacific Interactive
Mr. Kevin Yu, WG’09, n/a, n/a
Ms. Yu Rui, CICC
Mr. Lawrence Yu, WG’00, New Access Capital
Mr. Matthew Zaklad, WG’02, Director, China Region, AMCI
Ms. Mary, W’11, Student, Wharton
Mr. Xiang Zeng, WG’10, Consultant, Monitor Group
Mr. Jon Zepernick, IT, Wharton
Ms. Jing Zhang, WG’09, WG ’09, The Wharton School
Mr. Robin Zhang, W’11, Assistant Brand Manager, Nestle (China) Ltd.
Ms. Nancy Zhang, W’12, Undergraduate, Wharton
Mr. Ruimin Zhang, Chairman & CEO, Haier Group
Ms. Xiaoming Zhang, Senior Specialist on Contemporary Art, China Garden International Auction Co
Mr. Jim Zhang, WG’97, Managing Director, Evolution Securities
Ms. Alice, WG’08, Associate, McKinsey & Co.
Mr. Tony Zhang, WG’05, Partner, CFV
Mr. James Zhang, Founding Partner, Red Jasper Capital Management
Ms. Miranda Zhang, WG’07, Principal, Prospective Capital
Ms. Lily Zhang, WG’08, Business Development Manager, Johnson and Johnson
Ms. Angela Zhang, Secretray, Wharton Club of Shanghai
Ms. Jennifer Zhang, Manager, Credia
Ms. Mary Zhang, Senior Consultant, Amercian International Daily News
Mr. Luyuan, Student, Columbia University
Ms. Jisi Zhang, Student, University of Pennsylvania
Mr. Zhang Zheng, Arrail Group Ltd
Mr. Zhang Qi, Arrail Group Ltd
Mr. Zhang Hongfei, Credia
Mr. Zhang Dingli, Arrail Group Ltd
Ms. Zhang Xiaodong, Korn/Ferry International
Mr. Zhang Weiying, Dean, Peking University, Guanghua School of Management
Mr. Zhang Tao, Founder & CEO,
Prof Z. John Zhang, Murrel J. Ades Professor, Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School
Ms. Zhang Yang, Haier
Ms. Flora Zhang
Ms. Katherine Zhang, Abn Amro
Ms. Ava Zhang, WG’11, Student, The Wharton School
Ms. Zhang Xiaoyan, Assistant Director, The Securities Association of China
Mr. Gary Zhao, WG’95, Chief Financial Officer, Bright Oceans Enterprises Co. Ltd
Mr. Linbo Zhao, WG’12, PhD, Wharton
Prof Linda Zhao, Wharton
Ms. Betty Zhao, WG’00, Executive Director, morgan stanley
Mr. Jeffrey Zheng, Associate Director of International Exchange & Public Relations Office, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Mr. Herbert Zheng, WG’07, Portfolio Manager, Monona Capital Management, LLC
Mr. Xin Zhou, Chairman & CEO, E-House Holdings Limited
Mr. Chen Zhou, Student, University of Pennslvania
Mr. Zhou Yan Li, Vice Chairman, CIRC
Mr. Luke, W’11, Student, Student
Mr. Zhou Chen, General Manager of HR Dept, Orient Securities Company Limited
Mr. Zhou Ziqiang, Legend Holdings Ltd
Mr. Chip Zhu, WG’99, C.E.O, KTI, Ltd
Mr. Zhu Yunlai, Chairman, CICC
Miss Zhu Lin, W’11, Investor, Nomura Principal Investment Ltd
Mr. Wenqing Zhu, WG’09, Consultant, Bain & Company
Ms. Autumn Zhu, Managing Editor, Wharton Club of Shanghai
Ms. Zhu Dezhen, China Minsheng Banking Corp, Ltd
Mr. Robert Zou, WG’94, CEO, Arrail Group Ltd.
Ms. Vivien Zuo, WG’08, Business Development Manager, HAL Investment BV
Ms. Zoe Zuo, WG’09, MBA, Wharton