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 Zhang Tao张涛先生简介
Zhang Tao, WG'02

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


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      经过5年的发展,大众点评网现已成为中国最大的城市生活网站,覆盖全国340多个城市 46万多家商户,吸引了1000多万网友,每月浏览量1.6亿。已在上海、北京、广州、南京、杭州5个城市建立分公司,并在全国进一步扩张之中,业务现已涉美食、购物、休闲娱乐、生活服务等多个城市生活消费领域。


Founder and CEO of, MBA from the Wharton School. He was consultant in an American IT company. After coming back to China in 2003, he founded, the world’s pioneer in offering consumer reviews for restaurant.

After 5 years of development, dianping has over 460,000 registered companies in over 340 cities across China. More than 10 million regular visitors and 160 million page views per month make it the most popular city life website in China. Dianping has established branches in 5 cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Hangzhou and is still expanding. Currently its service involves various consumption areas in city life, such as restaurant, shopping, reaction and living service, etc.

With a favorable business model, Dianping has more than once been considered one of the companies with the most investment value in China by Zero2IPO and China Venture. It also raised funding from global leading venture capital firms, for example, Sequoia Capital. Dianping recorded profit in November 2008 and become the first profitable Web 2.0 Company and a search website centered on city life.