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Linda H. Zhao

Linda H. Zhao

Associate Professor of Statistics


Wharton Faculty > Biography

PhD, Cornell University, 1993; MS, Cornell University, 1990; MS, Howard University, 1987; BS, Nankai University, 1982

Research Areas
Nonparametric function estimation; survival analysis; bayesian analysis; statistical computing; statistical consulting

Current Projects
Nonparametric Bayesian estimation; Polynomial splines; Modeling, analysis and inference for service networks; Estimation of mean survival time

Academic Positions Held
Wharton: 1994-present. Previous appointments: University of California, Los Angeles

Other Positions
Technical Editor, Institute of Automation, Beijing, 1982-85; Analyst, World Bank, 1987
Career and Recent Professional Awards; Teaching Awards
NSF research grant, 1998-2001

Representative Publications
"Minimax Linear Estimation in a White Noise Problem." Annals of Statistics (1997).

"Improved Estimators in Nonparametric Regression Problems." Journal of the American Statistical Association (1999).

"Bayesian Aspects of some Nonparametric Problems." Annals of Statistics (2000).