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Xiaoming ZhangXiaoming Zhang

Senior Specialist on Contemporary Art
China Guardian International Auction Co.


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      張曉明目前是中國嘉德國際拍賣公司當代藝術資深專家. 發展中國當代藝術的拍賣和西方藏家和藝術品的引進.中國嘉德是中國最資深, 最有威望的拍賣公司. 2005-2008, 她是蘇富比拍賣公司的付總裁, 中國當代全球資深專家, 中國當代, 亞洲當代藝術在美國拍賣的主管. 在三年中, 她主持的六場拍賣達到成交額126百萬美元, 每場拍賣均居紐約亞洲藝術周拍賣首榜. 為中國當代藝術和市場發展, 她也在美國, 歐洲和亞洲作講座. 以媒體代表人的身份代表蘇富比公司的中國當代. 受紐約時報,華爾街時報, 國際先驅論壇報,金融時報等全球重大媒體的採訪. 她還參加在香港和倫敦的亞洲當代拍賣, 為超越400 百萬美元的成交額作貢獻. 為中國當代藝術家的世界紀錄作貢獻. 2006 -2007年被 "藝術和拍賣"雜誌列為全球藝術人物權力榜, "藝術新聞"雜誌亞洲十大人物, "亞洲太平洋藝術"雜誌十大有影響力人物.

      2003- 2005年和1996-1998, 她為所羅門古根海姆美術館工作.參加同中國文化部, 中國文物局,和中國對外展覽交流中心舉辦的中國五千年的藝術展的策劃和組織,作為展覽策劃助理,負責展覽在紐約和西班牙比爾寶的展出.隨此展覽,她還同中國電影資料館合作, 策劃黎明:中國早期電影展 1926-1949. 2003年, 在獲得紐約大學商業管理學院碩士學位後, 她再次加入美術館,在館長辦公室工作,負責美術館亞洲發展項目,幫助美術館建立在亞洲的分館, 項目包括台中古根海姆,香港西九龍文化發展項目,美國三百年展,均同世界著名建築師 扎哈哈迪特(ZAHA HADID) 和诺曼·羅伯特·福斯特 (NORMAN FOSTER)合作.

      曉明曾參加李安的電影"喜宴"的拍攝工作,擔任助理和中國的劇本監督, 為胡安的電影 "西洋鏡"作製片, 為 MERCHANT IVORY 的最後的電影 THE WHITE COUNTESS ("白伯爵")作顧問.

      曉明持有紐約大學TISCH藝術學院,電影學系碩士; 紐約大學STERN商學院,商業管理碩士. 美國惠特尼美國美術館,海倫魯賓斯基策劃獎學員.是美國全國美中友好協會的會員.美國亞洲當代藝術周財團的成員.

Xiaoming Zhang currently is Senior Specialist of Contemporary Art for China Guardian International Auction Co., in China, the most prestigious auction house in China.  She was Vice President, Worldwide Senior Specialist and Head of the Department of Chinese Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s New York.  Zhang joined Sotheby's in 2005 from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum to head its Chinese Contemporary Art Department in New York and to orchestrate the first sale of Asian contemporary art with a strong focus on Chinese Contemporary Art. With this historical sale (13.2 million USD) in New York in March 2006, Sotheby's set a new international standard and brought a wealth of significant material to the global market.  She constructed and headed six dedicated sales on Asian Contemporary Art from 2005 to 2008, brought in sales of more than $126 million at Sotheby’s in New York and contributed to sales of more than $400 million of Asian Contemporary Art globally at Sotheby’s.  Her sale topped Asian Art Week auctions in New York from 2006 to 2008.    Zhang has lectured widely on Chinese Contemporary Art and the Asian Contemporary Art market in the US, Europe and Asia, and she was the spokesperson for Sotheby’s to the media (including NY Times, Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribute, and Hurun Report), art and educational institutions and business communities in the category of Asian Contemporary Art.  Zhang was honored as one of the global powers in the art world by Art + Auction in 2006, one of the top ten in the art world in Asia by CANS, 2006, and one of the top ten “Influence: Today and Tomorrow” by ArtAsiaPacific: Almanac 2007.

Prior to Sotheby's, Zhang was a member of the Special Projects Group in the Director's Office at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. As Manager of Strategic Development for Asia and Special Project Associate, she helped plan the Museum's proposed new facilities in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and elsewhere, and she was also responsible for fundraising and negotiations for traveling exhibition projects to Asia. From 1996 to 1998, she served as a curatorial assistant for China: 5,000 Years (Guggenheim New York & Bilbao) and as curator for the related film series Dawn: Early Chinese Cinema 1926-1949. Prior to her career in art, Zhang collaborated with Ang Lee for The Wedding Banquet in 1992, with Ann Hu for The Shadow Magic as a producer from 1996 to 2000, and with Merchant Ivory as a consultant for The White Countess in 2005.  Zhang holds an MA from the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University (1998) and an MBA from Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University (2003).  She was also a Helena Rubinstein Curatorial Fellow in the prestigious Independent Study Program at the Whitney Museum of American Art (2000), a member of National Committee on US-China Relations and a member of Asian Contemporary Art Consortium.