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Phillip Y. Wu

Po Sum Wu

Central China Real Estate Ltd


Speaker > Biography

Mr Wu is responsible for the formulation of development strategies and making decisions on investment projects and development directions of our Group. Mr Wu graduated from Zhengzhou University majoring in English in 1979 and completed the Global CEO Program for China in China Europe International Business School on March 27, 2005.

Mr Wu has over 15 years of experience in real estate development and investment. He started his career with China Textile Import and Export Corporation Henan Branch (中國紡織品進出口公司河南分公司) in 1979. From 1982 to 1986, Mr Wu was sent by the Department of Foreign Trade of Henan Province to work with Central China International Economic Trade Company Limited (中原國際經濟貿易公司) in Hong Kong. From 1986 to 1988, he worked as the president and the general manager in Guoguang Industrial Company Limited (國光實業有限公司), a subsidiary of Central.

China International Economic Trade Company Ltd. From 1988 to 1991, Mr Wu served as the assistant general manager and the general manager in Central China International (Group) Limited (中原國際(集團)有限公司) and Central China Overseas Development Company Limited (中原海外發展總公司), respectively. Mr Wu entered the PRC real estate market in May 1992, when he laid the foundation for our Group and established the [建業] (jian ye) brand name.

Mr Wu devotes himself not only to the development of our Group’s business, but also to promoting the PRC real estate industry. In 2001, he, together with Mr Feng Lun from Vantone Group, Mr Wang Shi from Vanke Group and other leaders in the PRC real estate industry, co-launched and cofounded China Urban Realty Association (中城聯盟), as well as proposed and led the “New Housing Movement” (新住宅運動). He served as the third Chairman of China Urban Realty Association in 2005. In 2002, Mr Wu was recognized as one of the “Top Ten Figures of the Time in the PRC Real Estate Industry” and of the “Top Ten Meritorious Figures in the PRC Real Estate Industry”. In 2003, he was recognized as one of the “Fifty Influential Figures in the PRC Real Estate Industry in 2003” and of the “Top Ten PRC Outstanding Entrepreneurs of Privately-owned Enterprises in 2003”. In 2004, he was selected as one of the “Influential Figures of the 2004 Housing Changing China”, and was recognized as one of the “Leaders in the Housing Industry” by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. In 2006, he was elected as Vice-President of the China Real Estate Industry Association.

Mr Wu also commits himself to public service. In 2003, he was elected as a member of the CPPCC and as one of the “Top Ten Outstanding Charitarians in Henan Province”. In 2005, he was recognized as one of the “Most Respectable Entrepreneurs in Henan Province”. In 2006, he was selected as one of the “2006 CIHAF Representative Figures Influencing Zhengzhou City”. Currently, Mr Wu is the Vice-President of the Federation of Industry and Commerce of Henan Province and a part-time MBA Professor in Zhengzhou University.