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Jerome Sans郭晓彦 Guo Xiaoyan

Chief Curator

Ullens Center For Contemporary Art


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Guo Xiaoyan held the position of Vice Director of the Guangdong and Curator of the Guangdong Museum of Art between 2002 and 2007, which has established her as one of the pioneers in the development of art institutions in China.  Also an experienced curator, Guo Xiaoyan has been curating many group and solo shows such as “From Polar Region to Tie Xi Qu: Contemporary Art Exhibition in Northeast China”; She was also co-curator of “Aftershock-Contemporary British Art 1990-2006” initiated by the Guangdong Museum of Art and Curator of “Asian City Network”(China part) at Seoul Museum of Art,South Korea. In 2005 as well as “Liu Xiaodong: Painting from Life’’(Solo Exhibition of Liu Xiaodong)”.

Guo Xiaoyan is the founder of China first non profit gallery ‘’Upriver’’ in Chengdu and is a reference in the Chinese art scene.