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Silas K.F. Chou Silas K.F. Chou

President and CEO
Novel Enterprises Limited
Hong Kong


Speaker > Biography

Mr. Chou began his career nearly 40 years ago working within his Hong Kong-based family business, Novel Enterprises Limited, one of the world’s leading vertically-integrated textile and apparel manufacturers, where he now serves as President and CEO.    

In 1989, Mr. Chou teamed up with longtime friend and business associate Lawrence Stroll and formed Sportswear Holdings Limited to acquire Tommy Hilfiger Corporation.  He served as Chairman and then Co-Chairman from 1989 to 2002.  In 1992, Sportswear Holdings listed Tommy Hilfiger on NYSE, and the benefits of the company’s strategies were evident by its rapid growth and profitability.  Tommy grew from a $25 million U.S. men’s apparel company to a multinational $2 billion dollar brand in just eight years, and is considered one of the major success stories of the past 50 years.

In January 2003, Sportswear Holdings completed one of its most dynamic acquisitions within the fashion industry to date when it purchased a majority interest in Michael Kors Corporation, of which Mr. Chou is Co-Chairman.  Michael Kors is recognized as one of America’s pre-eminent designers for luxury sportswear.  His namesake company, established in 1981, currently produces a range of products through his Michael Kors Collection, KORS Michael Kors and MICHAEL Michael Kors labels, including men’s and women’s ready to wear, women’s accessories and a full line of fragrance and beauty products for both men and women. 

As head of the Novel Group, Mr. Chou structured and led the Novel Enterprises privatization from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1994.  In addition, he oversaw the IPO of Novel Denim, the group’s denim manufacturing business, on Nasdaq in 1997, and its subsequent privatization in 2005.  Recently, Mr. Chou partnered with Wilbur Ross to launch Cone Denim China, a joint venture between the Novel Group and the ITG Group, which has built the most modern denim manufacturing facility in mainland China.

Mr. Chou has also been active in strategically expanding the Novel Enterprises group beyond its traditional manufacturing base into real estate development and the airline business.  In particular, over the past ten years he led the development and recent sale of Novel City, a major multi-use building complex in Shanghai.  Mr. Chou was also instrumental in growing and successfully selling Dragon Air, a major Hong Kong-based operator founded by the Novel Group.

Over the past several years, Mr. Chou has developed an internal, professionally-managed investment business that has gradually transformed the nature of the Sportswear Holdings and Novel Group from apparel and textile operations to global asset management.  Under Mr. Chou’s direction, the group has successfully assembled and managed a diverse portfolio with a focus on alternative investments, particularly private equity, hedge funds and venture capital worldwide.  The group also makes targeted investments in TMT, biotech and Chinese growth companies.